Minister of State for Trade Promotion, Digital and Company Regulation Dara Calleary has launched Design & Crafts Council Ireland‘s Made Local, Made to Last campaign, which highlights the quality and value of Irish-designed and craft-made products.

The campaign, now in its third year and fronted by ambassador and performer Tolü Makay, aims to remind consumers that buying locally produced, well-crafted products is “more meaningful” ahead of the Christmas season.

“Made Local celebrates the skill and originality of local craft makers and the retail outlets that support them up and down the country. This year, we have an important message for consumers that recognises the cost of living challenges we face,” said Rosemary Steen, CEO of DCCI.

“We focus on the quality and sustainability of Irish design and craft products. We ask consumers to take time to think about the long term value of products they buy, particularly in ‘cost per use’ or ‘cost per wear’ terms.

“We are asking consumers to be mindful in their purchasing decisions. ‘Made Local’ products in textiles, fashion, ceramics, jewellery, or any of the many other craft disciplines, deliver excellent value for money. They are truly ‘Made to Last’ and will provide years of enjoyment and pleasure for buyers.”






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