Recent works by Kelly Hood @aThe Grange Gallery – Show runs from the1st June until 27th August 2011.

In her studio, she is preparing a herd of paintings for her solo show at the Grange Gallery
Recently she has taken her work into a grander scale – working on large canvasses for maximum impact. Broadly painted in a Super realistic style, these monumental paintings nevertheless reference the old masters in size and due to the use of a traditional glazing technique which the artist admits has been a ‘revelation‘ in her working practices, which in Hood‘s case allows the artist to focus on drawing out the individual characteristics of her bovine subjects to humorous, affectionate and dramatic effect.

The success of the cow paintings comes after a series of technical explorations ranging from total abstraction to illustration. Recent departures include a two-year period of monochrome paintings and currently the adoption of an Italian Renaissance inspired glazing technique. Yet given the single subject and chosen medium, there is astonishing variety in the work – strength of technique ensures that each new work is fresh and distinct.

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