• Size: 2ft x 3ft
  • Medium: Acrylic and mixed media (Plaster, Limestone and Zinc flakes)
  • Original Painting on wood

Proudly made in Wicklow, Ireland.

The wood grain tells a story on its own. Like fingerprints, no two pieces of wood have the same grain-print. When the wood grain shows through in the artwork the piece is emphasized by a subtle organic tone.
One could easily argue that the grain patterns themselves are worthy of attention, but the combination of both wood grain and custom artwork is what makes the art really stand out. Better yet, since the grain patterns are like fingerprints, each piece of art painted on wood, is completely unique.


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Oisin  has a guilty pleasure; he cannot resist a Custard Cream. Other snacks come and go, but as long as he has his morning coffee with a few custard creams to dunk hes as happy as Larry. Larry on the other hand was happier before Oisin started taking more than his fair share of Custard Creams, but they are good friends and every now and then Oisin manages to secure them some chocolate hobnobs, and that more than makes up for it in Larrys eyes.

MEDIUM: Painted in Acrylic and Mixed Media (Clogher Strand Sand, Mother of pearl crushed, Clogher Strand Shells, Native Carragheen seaweed, Gold & Copper Leaf flakes, Mica flakes.


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