Happy Gilmore 🔴

  • Size: 20×20 cms
  • Medium – Acrylic and mixed media (Plaster, Limestone and Zinc flakes)
  • Original Painting on wood.

Proudly made in Wicklow, Ireland. Painting on Wood – It’s all About the Grain

The wood grain tells a story on its own. Like fingerprints, no two pieces of wood have the same grain-print. When the wood grain shows through in the artwork the piece is emphasized by a subtle organic tone.
One could easily argue that the grain patterns themselves are worthy of attention, but the combination of both wood grain and custom artwork is what makes the art really stand out. Better yet, since the grain patterns are like fingerprints, each piece of art painted on wood, is completely unique.


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Most pigs are simple folk, enjoying the morning sunrise, and friendly natter to the neighbours, but this little piggy has a sparkle in his eye, a hint into his more vivacious side.

'HAPPY GILMORE' our pig flew in on a fast train from Hollywood. He loves to take centre stage, strutting around the garden like a Superstar. He really owns that red carpet, striking a pose by the paparazzi to make sure he hits the front pages. 'HAPPY GILMORE' is his stage name, at home he answers to Happy, reads the guardian and loves getting mucky on a Sunday afternoon. He's a real softy, but I don't let him hear me say that.

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