Hamish 🔴

  • Size: 20×20 cms
  • Medium – Acrylic and mixed media (Plaster, Limestone and Zinc flakes)
  • Painting on wood.

Proudly made in Wicklow, Ireland.

Painting on Wood – It’s all About the Grain
The wood grain tells a story on its own. Like fingerprints, no two pieces of wood have the same grain-print. When the wood grain shows through in the artwork the piece is emphasized by a subtle organic tone.
One could easily argue that the grain patterns themselves are worthy of attention, but the combination of both wood grain and custom artwork is what makes the art really stand out. Better yet, since the grain patterns are like fingerprints, each piece of art painted on wood, is completely unique.”


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HAMISH is the cutest highland cow art in the Kelly's Cows Herd.

I met little HAMISH at an agricultural show in Inverness, and he was so intrigued by my camera. Every time the shutter would make a sound, he'd tip his little head just like a dog would! It was such a lovely moment and sums up everything I love about cows.

Hamish, is simply irresistible. The ladies love him and even the fellas give the tiniest of smiles when they see his little face.

We Love him and we hope you do too!

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