FRAMED Limited Edition Print THE BORN WILD COLLECTION – The Nutcracker



There is much more than meets the eye in the squirrel and its symbolism: As we look closer and deeper into its hidden meanings, we can find joy, playfulness, and wisdom that can teach us to be more humble in our own lives. As the saying goes, ‘There is more to life than what we can see’ and the spirit of the squirrel shows just how true that is.

Symbolism of the squirrel

As with most things, there is no one definition or no one way to see it. Generally, the squirrel represents:

  • Renewal
  • Adaptability
  • Change
  • Spirit
  • Playfulness
  • Resourcefulness
  • Connection with earth and sky energies
  • Gratitude
  • Foresight

Symbolism at-a-glance

Squirrels are lovely creatures, and like many other animals, they have their own lore and symbolism. Yet even with all these different lore, there is one common thread of the squirrel running through various cultures. Some have called it the “changer” because of its habits of returning to the same place at the same time every year, only to find that something about it seems different.

With the spirit of the squirrel in our hearts, we too can see beyond our current limitations and break free from the mundane fabrics of life. As we wake up and view life more grounded in ourselves and our environment we find that for once everything seems brighter and easier to understand.


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    • Giclée print on the highest quality ‘Hahnemühle’ paper
    • Large size 35×35cms – includes a white paper border
    • Titled and signed by the artist
    • All fixtures included – Ready to hang on your wall
    • Proudly made in Wicklow, Ireland.


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