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Bray School Project pupils enjoy annual art day:)

Bray School Project pupils enjoy annual art day:)

Tom Galvin
Bray People
Fri 30 Jun 2023 at 12:25
Bray School Project’s Annual Art Day, which is always a highlight in the school calendar, took place on Thursday, June 22, in beautiful sunshine on the school grounds. More than 100 artists and volunteers ran diverse arts activities for the children, from Junior Infants all the way up to 6th class.


BLAST residency: Students encouraged to have arts blast in school

BLAST residency: Students encouraged to have arts blast in school

The Department of Education is announcing the launch of the 2022 Arts-in-Education BLAST Residency Programme, which will enable up to 425 new Arts-in-Education residencies in schools each year.

This initiative aims to support the integration of the principles and key skills
outlined in the Arts-in-Education Charter and the Creative Ireland Programme (2017-2022).

The aim of this scheme is to give students in schools all over the country the opportunity to work with a professional artist on unique projects to be planned and developed between the artist, the teacher and the school. Artists from any artistic discipline who have been trained in partnership working with schools will be registered with each of the 21 full-time ESCI centres. Artistic disciplines include; visual arts, crafts, music, dance, drama, literature and film.

This initiative supports children and young people for the future, where skills like the ability to connect and collaborate with others, engage in creative and critical thinking and practice inclusivity at every level will be paramount to peace, stability, sustainable economic growth and equality.

I am delighted to be on the Register of Approved Artists for the new BLAST Arts in Education Residency. I am a visual artist working from both Goosebank Art Studio and as a Staff Artist in Signal Arts Centre. I am going to partake in three residencies in the new year: St Columbanus NS & St MacDaras Community College and Sandymount Enable Ireland. My work is about facilitating an art process and an art experience. On many occasions the project idea itself, or the participants, suggest a particular art form and/ or media. We shall be exploring visual arts through the lens of sculpture, printmaking, photography, and installation art. I will facilitate that experience in relevant material or media. Exploring creativity is crucial to self-development and realising individual potential. I will encourage and hold that space for the magic to happen!

Definition of Having a blast – Someone engaging in a happy, fun-loving, laughable time at a function or an event.
Collins Dictionary

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