Do I need to know exactly what I want?

Not essential, but helpful! I consider it an integral part of my service to provide each client with as much guidance as they require.

If you wish to provide your own photo(s) as the basis for a painting, I can take a look at them for you and make suggestions on how they might be made the most of.

If you wish to commission a painting including a personal visit, but are uncertain what sort of composition would serve you best, we can discuss ideas and options in detail when I visit. If we are unable to tie down precise costings before my visit, I will propose a suitable deposit, to cover the visit and the preparation of proposal(s).

We will at that point then know the full costs, and the decision is yours on whether to proceed with a finished painting.

What painting techniques do you use?

I mostly work in Oil and Acrylic paint on canvas or board. My brush style is to apply quite thin layers of paint which are built up to achieve depth of colour and tone.

Please note: the actual painting is entirely hand produced with pencils paints and brushes!

Do you cover my area for a personal visit?

I am ready to travel anywhere within Ireland.

I would charge an amount sufficient to cover the travel (and if necessary, accommodation) costs incurred.

Can you do my painting urgently?

If at all possible, I will accommodate urgent requests, though this can only be answered when all circumstances are known, and balanced against my current workload.

Should you have an urgent request, please phone on 087 2249200 or email: hoodkelly@hotmail.com straight away, and we can discuss what may be achieved.

Can you frame the painting as well?

In general, I do not supply frames, though I am happy to advise on options to suit the intended hanging space.

I can also supply contacts for framing services in your own area, should this be helpful.